The IRIS-Agricultural Union of Messinia, based in Kalamata, is a company that provides services in the agricultural and the broader agri-food industry. Making the most of our extensive experience and expertise in the industry, we provide services that cover the entire spectrum of the production process, from cultivation methods to the complete formation of the standardization unit and distribution of the end product with the appropriate Product Identity, conforming to label legal obligations. More specifically, the company provides consulting services on the quality of agricultural and livestock products, organic or not, while at the same time it was the first company in Greece that applied the production process of CO2 free olive products. In IRIS-Agriculture we also offer integrated solutions for the promotion and standardization of agricultural products, while we undertake the design and installation of ISO & HACCP quality systems, certified accordingly by the approved certificate provider of your choice. Thanks to our years of experience in Management of European Investment and Development Programs, we enhance, manage and implement development projects -public and private- in the agricultural and livestock field as well as  that of organic farming and renewable energy sources (RES). At the same time, we provide food research and technology services and support on new forms of development and utilization, to ensure the quality and protection of the environment, as well as the generation and use of any other productive activity.

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